Make Money Playing Video Games

Can You Make Substantial Money Playing Video Games???

video-game-streamingBelieve it or not, some kid, only 16 years old, won $3 million in a Fortnite World Cup. And if you have a similar passion for video games you to can start earning money through both video game tournaments or streaming online. 

E-Sports and Game Tournaments

E-sports are held for all games such as NFL Madden, League of Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and others. Usually, only the top players in the world are invited to these tournaments where they face each other in real life and can win millions of dollars. You might think that no one actually watches this but it is estimated that almost 400 million people will watch e-sports and around half of those are already loyal E-sports followers. Hence both developers and gamers see a possibility for big bucks. Having your game featured in a tournament leads to more publicity and inturn more sales. The best of the best E-sports players can have 7 figure salaries due to the high prize money available. And E-sports is still only in its infancy so if you are willing to take the time to become great at the game some big money could be coming your way.


Streaming isn’t as competitive as E-sports and other gaming tournaments. video-gamingInstead, gamers create an account with the popular website Twitch. Twitch is kinda like Youtube except it focuses on live streaming instead of pre-created videos and has become the main spot for gamers. On Twitch, you will start out earning a little money from the generous donations of your few followers. But, once you start earning more followers, you will eventually be able to enroll in Twitch’s Ad Program as well as agree with 3rd party sources to advertise on your channel. That way you can really start earning quite a bit of money. You might even gain such a following that you can set up your own merchandise store and sell t-shirts and other items. 

Online gaming has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years and is only gaining in popularity. So no matter if you are into sports games, shooter games, RPG’s, MMO’s, or whatever else, you can not only make money playing the game you love you also offer entertainment for others interested in the gaming world.