Online Surveys- Can Money Be Made?

With the age of technology and the internet that we are in, there are numerous ways to make money online from home. Not all of these ways are entirely legit and qulify as scam-free.  However, many of you may have heard about online surveys and how you can make some quick extra cash completing them. We tjought we would share this video on different online survey sites that may work for you and to give you a little more info on what all the fuss was about.


In-Home Childcare Business-Pros & Cons

in-home-childcareThere are a number of ways to create a successful business and work from home.  Some of our previous posts have talked about different professions you can try your hand at and successful tips on how to get started working from home.  Perhaps one great career and business opportunity when working from home, and one that has been around for quite some time is in-home child care. The great thing about in-home childcare is that there is an ongoing need for it no matter the season, month or year.  Working parents are always trying to find the right and best childcare solution for their children when returning back to the workforce. What is even more interesting and allows for in-home childcare businesses to succeed is that many parents shy away from nannies and commercial based childcare facilities and would rather find a loving home environment around other children. So what exactly are the pros and cons of starting your own in-home childcare business?

Pros & Cons of In-Home Childcare Based Businesses



  • Daycare For Your Own Children- If you have your own young children that need daycare services while you are working you no have to look no further than yourself. While your own children add to the number of children that you can watch depending on your states regulations you basically have free daycare for them
  • Great Schedule- If you are looking to have a Mon-Fri 9-5 type schedule with weekends and evenings free this is the profession to be in
  • Always In Need- Whether you lose a client because their child is now school-age or someone moved there is not shortage of clients that you will be able to find.  In Fact word of mouth recommendations are always a plus and most times you will probably be he one adding someone to your waitlist because you are a capacity.
  • Education/Structure- If you love teaching young children and creating a great structure for them to learn and grow this is definitely a job for you.  You can implement a great curriculum and fun while teaching your young charges and satisfying the parents that their children are learning and having fun while doing so


  • Cost- The start up cost can be somewhat expensive when making sure your home is equipped to safely take on a decent amount of children.  You need to make sure that everything is in pace to provide a safe and secure environment especially if you’re offering childcare to varying aged children
  • Insurance- You will want to make sure that you have the proper insurance coverage for yourself as a provider and the children that are under your care.  Should any type of accidents occur in your home on your watch it can be quite costly if you don’t; take the proper measures for liability and protection.
  • License- Depending on the state you live in and its regulations becoming licensed and bonded can be a bit of a headache and sometimes costly.  Check into all the regulations, rules and fees before starting your in-home childcare business
  • Back-Up-  You will want to make sure that you have one or two “employees’ that can help you out should you get sick or have a personal situation to take care of.  You may be down for the count but working parents and their children depend on you. Having someone who you trust and feel comfortable with to help you can make all the difference.

home-daycareShould you decide to start upur own in-home childcare business it is best to weigh all the pros and cons to decide if it’s really the best career move for you.  also checking into your states rules, regulations and licensing procedures is highly advised.  You never know it may just be the best profession for you!




Starting A “Home Based” Business-What You Need To Know

home-based-businessIn previous article posts we have talked about working from home, how to be successful in doing so and different jobs that can be done from home.  However, what if we went down a slightly different “At Home” job path and instead of just working from home you set out to create a home based business?  While the two do have similar qualities they are also very different.  When working from home you are still working for another company or person.  When you start a home based business you are not only working for YOURSELF,  you are also creating your own business, which is very exciting in itself! While most home based business can be kept running from the confines of your own home there are MANY successful businesses that started out as home based and eventually grow into a full fledged business that requires additional office space.  So how do you go about starting your own home based business and grow it to succeed into a well oiled machine that grows into something larger and even more successful???

Going into creating a home based business the number one thing to ask yourself is, “will my business work from home”? Meaning if you wanted to start a business that required you to meet with an abundance of clients would you feel comfortable or want to give that many strangers your home address?  Is your business practical to run from your home and will you know when it’s time to move your growing business to an actual storefront or office space?  Rick, owns a hot tub maintenance business is Fort Collins, Colorado.  As of now he has two physical business locations that can be visited by his consumers but it wasn’t always that way.  He in fact started his hot tub business from home and overtime became more and more successful which lead him to opening his two stores.  What are some words of wisdom or advice that Rick has to offer others just starting out to ensure that your business is successful too?

Rick’s Tips On Starting A Successful Home Based Business

  1. Permits, Licenses, Structure- When starting a business from home you want to go at it as you would any “real” business.  Meaning you want to have the right permits, licenses etc. in place when beginning.  Some neighborhoods/HOA prohibit home based businesses.  Starting out above board and with all of your cards(permits/licenses) on the table will ensure that you are doing everything legally and by the book so as to not reap any negative side effects down the road
  2. Get a Post Office Box- That’s right, it’s always a good idea to rent a post office box for business related correspondence and mail.  This will limit the amount of people that have direct access to your home address, to help ensure the safety of both you and your family members.
  3. Homeowners Insurance- You may be thinking what do I need homeowners insurance for for my business?  Isn’t that what business insurance is for?  To cover all your bases and to protect your personal and business assets its best to look into if your homeowners insurance covers your home based business or if you will need to add further coverage.  Remember having all your cards on the table from the beginning helps to prevent liabilities and such down the road.
  4. Create a Business Environment- Just like with any other job from home you must treat it like actual work.  Set boundaries with friends & family during “office hours” and make sure to create a work space where you feel organized and able to get things done.  You will also need to make sure that you are keeping records, receipts and such of all income etc. This will help to make running your business easier and more efficient as well as simplify things when tax time rolls around.

work-from-home-strategyWhile there is a bit more that goes into starting a home based business these main tips provided by Rick can definitely help to make both you and your business successful.  Just remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, things take time but if you start out on the right foot and stay organized success is in your reach too, just like Rick!

At Home Jobs Via The Internet

There are many ways to make money from home either as a full time job or as a way to online-job-at-homemake extra cash in your spare time.  Especially with the online world and the use of the internet making money from home has never been easier in a sense! What are some of the different jobs you can do from home to bring in that extra cash?  Thinking outside of the box can actually produce some pretty easy ways to help boost your income from home!

Different Ways To Make Money From Home


  • Surveys- There are a number of different companies and research companies out there that will pay you to do online surveys for them. Each survey varies in the amount of time it takes to get them done and pay accordingly.  
  • Online Reviews- review both websites and apps and get paid for it.  Certain platforms out there will pay you up to $10 a review and each review takes roughly 20 min.  You will be paid via paypal and can receive funds instantly.
  • Affiliate Marketing- associated with blogging those that have a blog, a website or are have a presence on social media platforms can make money by advertising products and companies.  If some clicks on the ad or link you have set up on one of these outlets and buys something you get paid!
  • Review Music- If you appreciate music and love listening to it in your down time why not make money doing it.  You can review artists and bands who are not yet signed and make money to do so! And thought you had to have a great voice or instrument talent to make money in the music industry!
  • Tutoring- Now with online tutoring sites you can tutor via the web.  Think elementary, high school, or college math tutor etc.
  • social-media-consultantSocial Media- Are you skilled at all social media platforms, like making audience catching posts and perhaps taking pictures?  Now you can turn that outlet into a full time paying job. Becoming a social media consultant has never sounded better!  It may take a little work to get out there and get accounts but why not try it! You’d be surprised depending on the amount of accounts you have how much money you may be able to bring in.



The internet and online world is a great tool to utilize in your quest to create a stay at home job that will provide a good if not great amount of income.  There are still more options to be had when it come to online jobs so don’t hesitate to do some researching and explore your different options. You never know what may appeal to you or what you may be good at, not to mention what windows of opportunity may be out there to seize!


Behind The Blogger- Is Blogging For You?

starting-a-blogYou have a knack for writing and are a self motivated go getter.  What better way to make money from home, while being your own boss, than to start a blog and become a blogger?  Sounds pretty easy and a little too good to be true? In a sense it is. Why? Becoming a blogger/starting your own blog takes time, dedication, and not for those who tend to give up if they don’t immediately see results.  Blogging can be a great stay at home job and can definitely bring in a substantial amount of income, however, you have to approach blogging in the right way and really be ready to work for what you want!

Guidelines To Becoming A Blogger


  • Time To Build- a successful blog takes time to build and establish.  The amount of time it takes can also depend on the niche and the size of the audience associated with that niche.
  • No Quitters Aloud- Starting and maintaining a blog can definitely bring a lot of frustration, especially when you feel like those frustrations outweigh the good.  But YOU CAN’T QUIT!  Start by giving yourself a dedicated window of time thatsucceed-at-blogging you have before you look back and decide to give up
  • Be Realistic- being realistic goes hand in hand with sticking it out.  That means that you have to look at things without rose colored glasses or without being too optimistic.  Set reasonable goals and continue to challenge yourself with new goals once you have conquered the first ones.  
  • Treat It As A Real Business-  You have to treat it as a real business if you want blogging to be one.  Sure people may look at it as a hobby but the truth is if you want to succeed and grow your blog and it’s awareness you have to treat it like a real business.  Get up and get “ready” for work. Dedicate a space and time frame that you will be able to sit concentrate and get things done.
  • Consistency- You must post frequently and consistently if you want to begin to establish your foundation.
  • Network- You have to in a sense market yourself because you are your business.  Even if you a bit more reserved and have a harder time initiating communication it is important that you still reach out and do it!  The more you network the wider the audience you will have exposure to. Not to mention other opportunities that may arise from it.
  • Efficiency Is Key- It is important that you use your time and use it wisely.  Try not to get to caught up in the little details because that will prevent your from focusing on bigger things.  Establish a routine or type os system that allows you to get things done in the time frame you have set for yourself.

bloggingWhile blogging can be a great way to make money from home and as well as start a new fun & interesting career, you must also keep in mind that blogging simply isn’t for everyone.  If you give your hand a try at it and find it’s not for you, pat yourself on the back for taking the challenge and for trying it out. Then refocus your energy and decide what else interests you and go for it!

Tips On How To Successfully Work From Home


Working from home via the internet has never sounded so great.  You can show up in your pajamas, make your own hours all from the comfort of your own home.  Hey you can even get comfortable on the couch and work with your feet up.  All of this sounds great and like a job made in heaven right?  What about productivity, organization, setting boundaries for unintended house calls, children running around, and personal phone calls bombarding your house phone.  Maybe it doesn’t seem so easy to get the work you need to done, now does it?  Working from home definitely has its perks, however, it does have its downfalls as well.  That being said we have gathered a list of tips on how to make working from home enjoyable yet professional and efficient as well.

 Success Tips When Working From Home

  • Get Ready- Although starting work in your pajamas may seem tempting and like it may be the most comfortable idea out there, DON’T DO IT! Instead showering & dressing like you would for any other job is ideal. Why? Getting up and getting ready for the day can help get you into work mode. When you feel polished and put together you are much more likely to be more efficient, productive and ready to start the day
  • Make An Agenda- Of course working from home comes with its distractions and disruptions especially you have children or your spouse in the house.  Not to mention other little things that may occur through the day that can take your mind off of the task at hand.  Make an agenda or to do list of the work that you need to accomplish that day. Even if you encounter a set back you will still know what needs to get done before you clock out for the day.
  • Utilize Technology- Storing your work related documents in the cloud, dropbox, entrepreneur-from-homegoogle drive etc. will allow for any document to be reviewed from wherever you are. This makes things not only convenient but also efficient and can save a lot of time
  • Set Boundaries- In order to maintain productivity and succeed in working from home you must set boundaries. Without them you lose the control over your own work day. Making it a point to let friends & family know that you are not available between certain times during the day whether you are at home or not can be very helpful.  Sending your calls from your home phone to voicemail, and scheduling doctors or other appointments for either early in the morning or late in the afternoon will help to establish these boundaries.  Even though you are working from home it is important to dedicate uninterrupted time to your work and job just like you would if you had to go into the office everyday.  It also can help you to stay on task and focused and not get distracted by impromptu visits and calls etc.
  • Create A Space- Having a dedicated workspace can also help you to establish a routine and stay on task and productive. Create an “office pace” that you correlate with working and getting things done.  Making sure to have a comfortable chair can make the world o f difference as well.  The more comfortable you are the longer you are able to sit and accomplish the task at hand.

While there are definitely numerous other tips to make working from home a success we feel like these are the key basics that will help keep you focused productive and aide in your success of working from home.  Each person is different and may respond to different techniques better than others.  In the end you need to find a routine and a set of boundaries that works best for you!

Welcome To Our Blog!


Salutations & welcome to our blog!  We have created this site to offer advice, tips, and a broad spectrum of facts, techniques, and strategies to make working from home a reality and also one of productivity once you have started!  With the internet today, the heavy emphasis and reliance on technology and computers, working from home has never been such a viable option for virtually anyone in the workforce.  Working from home does have its setbacks and downfalls like all things in life but it is definitely attainable and you can become quite successful when doing so.  So, that being said we encourage you to follow our blog, leave feedback or email us with any questions or suggestions you may have and enjoy our posts.  We hope to offer insight and valuable information to all of our readers!