Protect Yourself With Small Business Insurance

small-business-insuranceWhether you are looking to become your own boss, have more control over money earned and time, starting your own small business from home can definitely be done successfully. Having the right tools in place to ensure your business security and success can make all the difference. owner, Dave, started his concrete coating business from home and has grown over the years into a successful and busy company. One of the first things he did when starting his business was to acquire small business insurance and he can’t stress enough how important this seemingly small item is and the level of protection it offers not only you but your business as a whole as well.

What Is Small Business Insurance?

Small business insurance can be made up of different types of insurance such as:

General Liability Insurance, Business Property Insurance, Business Income Insurance. Combining different types of insurance can help you to customize the right amount and kind of insurance protection for your individual business. Small Business Insurance at the very minimum should protect the income your business generates, anything that may fall under your company property and liability claims that may be made against your business or services. While not all small business owners opt for all 3 insurance policy protections it is highly beneficial to consider all forms of coverage.

What Are The Differences Between The Insurance Policies?

Business Income Insurance- This type of insurance helps replace any lost wages due to limitations that keep you from being able to earn that income. For example, say your tools were stolen out of your work truck. If you are unable to complete a job or render your services to customers due to the loss of your tools the wages may be replaced because of your claim filed regarding your stolen tools.

Business Property Insurance- This type of insurance coverage helps protect those stolen tools that we mentioned above. It also helps to protect your physical business location should there be any damage done by fire, weather or vandalism to name a few.

General Liability Insurance- While it is a great idea to have all 3 policies in place for your business general liability is perhaps the most important. This type of insurance safeguards your business against liability claims made due to property damage, bodily injury, advertising injury claims made against your business.

Dave from New Look Kool Deck gives us a perfect example of how general liability insurance can really protect you. Being that he specializes in concrete coatings he does a lot of floor work and can often have hazardous areas that can be dangerous to customers and others if not marked correctly. Even with signs in place and safety precautions taken sometimes people just don’t pay attention. That being said when a customer’s aunt ignored the signs he posted in his work area she slipped and fell and broke her leg. She wanted to try to file a liability claim against Dave and his company to pay for medical bills and damage etc. Being that Dave had General Liability Insurance for his business he was covered should she be awarded any money through her claims.

Owning your own business offers great incentives like working from home, being in control of your own schedule, hours and money, however, it does come with its own headaches. Should you be thinking of starting your own home business it is best to look into all aspects of what being a small business owner entails. Making sure you have the right level of insurance as well as meet other important guidelines is not only detrimental to the success of your business but to protect yourself and other assets too.






Making Money Donating Plasma

donating-plasmaHospitals require so many fluids from your blood such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma. And while there is no official way to make money donating white and red blood cells, you can actually make quite a bit of money donating plasma. And here’s how to do it. 

Eligibility- Before you can start, you have to see if you are even eligible to donate

  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Must weight at least 110 lbs
  • Must be in good health 
  • Must have valid ID and proof of address

Why Donate Plasma?

The reason you get money for donating plasma and not blood is that blood cells are given to hospitals to be given to patients who need them in blood transfusions. Whereas with plasma you are selling it to a business that uses the plasma to help develop medicines. 

What is Plasma Made of?

Plasma is a liquid that makes up a part of your blood. It is a clear liquid that is made of mostly water, but it also includes enzymes, proteins, and antibodies. 

How Long Will it Take?

plasma-donationIn order to get the plasma, doctors first need to draw out your blood, then separate the blood from the plasma, then reinfuse your original blood back into your body. Due to all of these steps, it will take anywhere from an hour and a half to 2 hours. 

Side Effects Of Donating Plasma?

Because the blood is put back into your body you won’t feel many of the side effects that you feel with normal blood donations. But your body may elicit a reaction with all of the blood that magically went missing for a while so it is best to stay hydrated and eat well as it will help your body recover faster. 

How Much Do You Make Donating Plasma?

Each trip will earn you around $50 per plasma donation, although each donation center is different. They might pay your more or less your first time and then maybe more for subsequent returns. And you can do this process twice a week every week. So that ads up to around $300-$400 per month!

Work From Home As A Dispatcher!

working-from-homeThinking outside of the box, in terms of jobs that can be done from home can often lead to great success.  Take for instance dispatching. Yep, we are talking about ALL the different types of dispatching services out there that include, ambulance, towing, trucking, and limo services to name a few.  In fact we spoke with Donna, a stay at home mom who contributes to her family’s income by working for Phoenix Limo Service from home 5 days a week. Not only does she love her job, she is also able to be at home when her kids get off the school bus as well as make a great income.  The first thing she said to us was that making the choice to work from home has been the best decision she could have made for her and her family! She also gave us a view pointers and an inside look as to what her limo dispatching job entails!

Tips On Dispatching Jobs From Home

  • First Things First- While not all states require a business license when working from home as a dispatcher she says it’s a good idea to acquire one.  Afterall you are an independent contractor and thus help protect yourself when it comes to tax season and it basically legitimizes everything.
  • dispatcher-telephone-lineTelephone Lines Are Crucial-  Your telephone line is in a sense your life line when it comes to your dispatching business.  You need to make sure you have a strong connection and that it is reliable. Between customer and driver communication your telephone line is of great importance.  It is also good to set different ringtones to your line so that you know what type of call may be coming in.
  • Dispatching Software- It is a good idea to purchase your own dispatching software.  You can find free versions online as well as higher tech options thatsoftware-dispatching cost a bit more money.  If you work for one company, such as Donna, they may provide you with their software which is a plus.  However, should you want to branch out and take on more clients, owning your own software is a must. Afterall you are now a Business owner with a business license to show for it!
  • Invoices Are Important- As an independent contractor invoicing your hours and keeping detailed rack of them is very important.  After All your time is money, and the more organized you are on your end allows for nothing to fall through the cracks.  Stay organized in all aspects of your dispatching work and you will see the most success.
  • Customer Service Skills- While customers can often be frustrating especially if they are upset or frustrated, it is important to maintain customer service skills.  The way you interact with clients will also become one of the main factors in your success.

Dispatching from home may not be for everyone, however it is just one example of a great stay at home job that some may not think of.  The perk of working from home is that you can also be a bit more creative with what you do as far as work. If you want to make working from home a reality you will succeed as long as you stay focus, organized and are willing to perhaps think a little “outside that box”!