Becoming An Online Teacher 

Believe it or not, thousands of students struggle in the normal school environment. And with more students completing their education online, the need for online teachers and tutors has risen immensely. Let’s explore the journey to becoming an online tutor. 

online-teacherHow to Become an Online Teacher? 

Obviously, to be able to teach you to need to be educated yourself. Teaching college-level online courses will require at least a masters degree if not a Ph.D.  You should have some in-person teaching experience, and years of it to prove that you know the basics of teaching and are able to deal with multiple students without the help of teacher assistants, principals, etc. Finally, this should go without saying, but you obviously should be familiar with the technology so that you can effectively administer, grade, and communicate with the class.  

What Is A Teacher Salary? 

Salaries for teachers are very dependent on things such as 

  • Type, of course, you’ll be teaching 
  • Level of classes taught (elementary, high school, college, etc) 
  • Institution Teaching at (state university, community college, etc) 
  • If you develop the course as well as teach it  
  • Your experience  
  • Number of courses you’re teaching 

With all of that out of the way, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average salary for postsecondary teachers was $78,470. This doesnt include a difference between those who teach in person and those who do online teaching, But, it is safe to assume that the salary will be similar assuming that the variables are similar. 

Pros & Cons 

Some teachers who have had years of early classes and long stays in traffic would love to have the ability to work from home which is one main benefit of teaching online classes provides. Professors can now teach and grade from anywhere. Your whole day isnt consumed and you can complete so much more. The main downfall is that you dont get to experience that human connection that many teachers love. Seeing their faces when they understand a problem they’re stuck on or being there to instantly answer questions instead of having to respond to hundreds of emails. 

 If you are ok and capable of operating a whole class from your computer. Then you can make similar money to those who teach on campus and be able to work from home.