Behind The Blogger- Is Blogging For You?

starting-a-blogYou have a knack for writing and are a self motivated go getter.  What better way to make money from home, while being your own boss, than to start a blog and become a blogger?  Sounds pretty easy and a little too good to be true? In a sense it is. Why? Becoming a blogger/starting your own blog takes time, dedication, and not for those who tend to give up if they don’t immediately see results.  Blogging can be a great stay at home job and can definitely bring in a substantial amount of income, however, you have to approach blogging in the right way and really be ready to work for what you want!

Guidelines To Becoming A Blogger


  • Time To Build- a successful blog takes time to build and establish.  The amount of time it takes can also depend on the niche and the size of the audience associated with that niche.
  • No Quitters Aloud- Starting and maintaining a blog can definitely bring a lot of frustration, especially when you feel like those frustrations outweigh the good.  But YOU CAN’T QUIT!  Start by giving yourself a dedicated window of time thatsucceed-at-blogging you have before you look back and decide to give up
  • Be Realistic- being realistic goes hand in hand with sticking it out.  That means that you have to look at things without rose colored glasses or without being too optimistic.  Set reasonable goals and continue to challenge yourself with new goals once you have conquered the first ones.  
  • Treat It As A Real Business-  You have to treat it as a real business if you want blogging to be one.  Sure people may look at it as a hobby but the truth is if you want to succeed and grow your blog and it’s awareness you have to treat it like a real business.  Get up and get “ready” for work. Dedicate a space and time frame that you will be able to sit concentrate and get things done.
  • Consistency- You must post frequently and consistently if you want to begin to establish your foundation.
  • Network- You have to in a sense market yourself because you are your business.  Even if you a bit more reserved and have a harder time initiating communication it is important that you still reach out and do it!  The more you network the wider the audience you will have exposure to. Not to mention other opportunities that may arise from it.
  • Efficiency Is Key- It is important that you use your time and use it wisely.  Try not to get to caught up in the little details because that will prevent your from focusing on bigger things.  Establish a routine or type os system that allows you to get things done in the time frame you have set for yourself.

bloggingWhile blogging can be a great way to make money from home and as well as start a new fun & interesting career, you must also keep in mind that blogging simply isn’t for everyone.  If you give your hand a try at it and find it’s not for you, pat yourself on the back for taking the challenge and for trying it out. Then refocus your energy and decide what else interests you and go for it!