Starting A Handyman Service

handyman-serviceNew homeowners are always looking to either improve or renovate their houses. Most likely they are either too busy or have too little knowledge on how to fix such things. This is where you can come in with a handyman service, not only are you available to help with such needs you are able to provide service for many home renovation needs such as drywall, hanging light fixtures, installing baseboards, etc.  However, as with any job, there are pros and cons to starting a handyman service. 


  • The schedule can be flexible. You can work as much or as little as you want
  • People are always looking to remodel, repair, or renovate their house
  • Much handyman work has a high-profit margin
  • Providing great service leads to return customers and often great referrals
  • It can be a labor-intensive job as well as light work giving you variety.
  • You can write off many expenses as business expenses, saving you tax money


  • Must be in good physical condition to work, so any injuries can ruin your work schedule
  • The workload can be inconsistent based on weather and seasons
  • Must get a license before you start 
  • Must also have liability insurance and even a contractor’s license
  • Startup costs to buy tools and equipment 
  • You have to build customer relations in order to gain a good rating and client base
  • Must have knowledge and skills in many departments such as plumbing, electrical, contractor, janitorial, etc. 

 Keep in mind the startup costs, licensing, and time it will take to build a loyal followingreliable-handyman-service for your business. If you have the dedication, capital and work ethic to start a new business service, a handyman business can be a great work from home opportunity. Take the time to do some research in your area on licensing fees, requirements, etc. You never know, a handyman service venture may just be the business of your dreams!