Tips On How To Successfully Work From Home


Working from home via the internet has never sounded so great.  You can show up in your pajamas, make your own hours all from the comfort of your own home.  Hey you can even get comfortable on the couch and work with your feet up.  All of this sounds great and like a job made in heaven right?  What about productivity, organization, setting boundaries for unintended house calls, children running around, and personal phone calls bombarding your house phone.  Maybe it doesn’t seem so easy to get the work you need to done, now does it?  Working from home definitely has its perks, however, it does have its downfalls as well.  That being said we have gathered a list of tips on how to make working from home enjoyable yet professional and efficient as well.

 Success Tips When Working From Home

  • Get Ready- Although starting work in your pajamas may seem tempting and like it may be the most comfortable idea out there, DON’T DO IT! Instead showering & dressing like you would for any other job is ideal. Why? Getting up and getting ready for the day can help get you into work mode. When you feel polished and put together you are much more likely to be more efficient, productive and ready to start the day
  • Make An Agenda- Of course working from home comes with its distractions and disruptions especially you have children or your spouse in the house.  Not to mention other little things that may occur through the day that can take your mind off of the task at hand.  Make an agenda or to do list of the work that you need to accomplish that day. Even if you encounter a set back you will still know what needs to get done before you clock out for the day.
  • Utilize Technology- Storing your work related documents in the cloud, dropbox, entrepreneur-from-homegoogle drive etc. will allow for any document to be reviewed from wherever you are. This makes things not only convenient but also efficient and can save a lot of time
  • Set Boundaries- In order to maintain productivity and succeed in working from home you must set boundaries. Without them you lose the control over your own work day. Making it a point to let friends & family know that you are not available between certain times during the day whether you are at home or not can be very helpful.  Sending your calls from your home phone to voicemail, and scheduling doctors or other appointments for either early in the morning or late in the afternoon will help to establish these boundaries.  Even though you are working from home it is important to dedicate uninterrupted time to your work and job just like you would if you had to go into the office everyday.  It also can help you to stay on task and focused and not get distracted by impromptu visits and calls etc.
  • Create A Space- Having a dedicated workspace can also help you to establish a routine and stay on task and productive. Create an “office pace” that you correlate with working and getting things done.  Making sure to have a comfortable chair can make the world o f difference as well.  The more comfortable you are the longer you are able to sit and accomplish the task at hand.

While there are definitely numerous other tips to make working from home a success we feel like these are the key basics that will help keep you focused productive and aide in your success of working from home.  Each person is different and may respond to different techniques better than others.  In the end you need to find a routine and a set of boundaries that works best for you!