Tips on Sous Vide

Tips on Sous Vide

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Sous Vide is a cooking method where the food will be put in the food grade plastic bag, air out it, seal the plastic bag then cook in hot water bath for a longer period. This method ensures the hot water to flow around the food to cook it perfectly inside and outside. So this cooking method took longer time.

Most of high-end hotels and restaurant around the world use Sous vide to get perfectly and evenly cooked foods especially for nonvegetable foods. Nowadays this method adapted to home cooking. This is not easy things to do or cannot be done instantly by traditional cooking. Therefore, here are some tips on how to cook Sous-vide method perfectly from

Seasoning tips

Use lighter season or correct season accordingly. Cooking in pan and oil or water tend to evaporate the season and loss some taste in the cooking process. As this is cooked in sealed pouch, the flavors are trap and no way to go other than the food itself. Therefore seasoning should be done precisely to avoid strong smells or taste.

Be careful with raw food that is added as seasoning. For example, if raw garlic is used it might not give the same flavor as it used in the normal cooking method, instead use garlic powder. As for alcohol contained flavors, do not just use raw beer or liqueur. Instead, cook it before use in the season to let alcohol release or evaporate.

How to avoid floating pouch 

Make sure the pouch completely under the water bath. If it is not completely submarine, then the food will not be cooked completely. Water bath need flow complete the food.

Make sure the pouch is sealed complete air free. If it is not air free, then it will float on the surface. Incomplete the vacuum seal is one reason for the pouch to float.

Some vegetable that is less weight than water or some releases gas while cooking which leads to floating pouch. Therefore, if you want to cook vegetables with Sous vide check it for every 10 to 15 minutes.

Placing plastic bag in water bath 

Do not put a double pouch of food in a water bath. Avoid placing one food on another food. The flow of water through grill holes and between food bag is vital to maintaining same temperature throughout cooking.

Use pouch rack if you want to cook different foods or larger quantity food at the same time. The rack can insert either vertically or horizontally to ensure water circulation for every pouch.

Cooking process 

Cover the water bath using plastic wrap. Cooking in a water bath will result in water loss over a certain period. Which might lead to water reduce lower than the food itself.

Use correct temperature is an important part of cooking in Sous vide. Accurate temperature according to certain food type which will result in perfectly cooked food. Different type of food has different temperature to cook.

Cooking time in Sous vide method is as low as 30 minutes and as high as 72 hours. It is true that in Sous vide the food will not be overcooked if leave it longer than the required time. However, it is still advised that the cooking length not exceed its limit. That is because some food will become too tender and some might get hardened if it is to take up within a certain period.

There is no more significant happiness than getting the best result for our hard work and time. There is no better happiness than tasting a perfect meal. Sous vide is combination of this both happiness