Will my ex ever come back?

Will my ex ever come back?

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Breakups are part of life. Are you wondering will my ex ever come back? There are some clues that your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend wants you back. Many of us fail to understand that love can bring us together regardless of the reasons for the breakup. Here are signs that he or she is going to get back after you broke up.

She still follows you on social media.

If your ex still follows you on social media, there are chances that she or he will get back to you. There are possibilities that she or he wants to know where you are seeing someone. In the event that you notice that your former partner is ever checking on your social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others then understand that he or she is up to something.

You still share mutual friends.

If you are still friends with his or her friends, then there are possibilities that one day you people will be together. The strong ties we share with friends can heal the wounds of a hurting relationship. Your friends are likely to keep reminding you of the love you used to share with your partner before things fell apart.

You did not break up on bad terms.

There are different reasons why partners end the relationship. If you broke up with the love of your life because problems that can be resorted then there are chances that you will be reunited. However, it will depend on whether the person has found someone better than you were. There are very few people who will want to go back to the dark days if they find something better than they had. If you guys had a short relationship that ended but you still find it necessary to see each other then you might get back together.

She or he deleted his Facebook account.

There are different reasons why people deleted Facebook accounts after breakups. Some of us quit social media because we do not want our private lives to raise eyebrows. If you man or the woman opted to delete his account after you parted ways, then it clearly shows he or she loved you. Keeping off social offers partners’ time to get over what transpired in the relationship as they look forward to better things ahead.

He or she comes up with a strange reason to meet.

It is common to see people who were once lovers meeting for different reasons. If she or he creates strange reasons just because he or she wants to meet you there are chances you will soon be together.

You broke up because of the long distance.

Starting and maintaining long distance relationship is not easy. Most lovers keep wondering what their partners are doing wherever they are. Maintaining a cycle of trust is an uphill task in most relationships. Partners who went separate ways because of long distance are likely to renew their relationship.

In conclusion, there are different signs that your former partners want to renew the relationship. Acts such as following you on social media, call you because of strange reasons and maintaining friends with your buddies is a clear indicator that all is not over.